Article for CNN's "Belief Blog"


Last weekend I wrote an article for (they asked me to write something on Christian hipsters), and today it went up on's new (and awesome) Belief Blog. Below is a brief excerpt of the piece ("The Curious Case of the Christian Hipster"), but you can read the whole article here.

I grew up within conservative evangelical Christianity, and I’m thankful I did. But throughout my youth - and indeed, even now, at 27 - there are things about it that made me bristle. Things like televangelism, angry political picketing, boycotts, horrible Christian movies, copycat Christian music, anti-intellectualism, hyper-politicized discourse, “Left Behind” hysteria about the “end times,” and “hell houses” (don’t ask).

For many of my peers who grew up within this peculiar milieu, it was enough to sour them on Christianity entirely (lamentable, but understandable). But for many others, it simply urged them to rediscover the heart of the faith and explore Christian identity in terms that felt more pertinent to the world around them.

Read the full piece here.