Christian Manifesto Interview


I enjoyed an hour-long podcast interview with C.E. Moore of Christian Manifesto last week, and the interview audio can be found here. It's definitely the most exhaustive and (for me) the most insightful interview I've done yet. Give it a listen.

C.E. Moore also reviewed the book, which he says is "easily the best book I've read all year long." Here's an excerpt from his review:

If you are a thinking Christian who is willing to ask questions that probe the status quo of the consumeristic/image-concerned McChristianity that is being sold to us, then you owe it to yourself to devote some time reading this book. It rocks the boat and will wake many of us from the self-induced coma we’ve been in for some time.  It had me laughing and thinking in a way that was neither subversive nor sarcastic. I cannot point to any other books in the Christian market that have taken a protracted look at the idea of Christian cool and how it affects the message that we bring. This is a beautiful debut from a solid writer. I can only hope his future titles capture my heart and mind like this one did.