The Book & the 'Burbs


The official release date of Hipster Christianity is just a few days away (Aug. 1). But a few days after that (Aug. 3), something else—something wonderful—is released. I’m talking, of course, about the highly anticipated new Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs.

The album is amazing, and you can read my full review of it here. I actually think there are some interesting similarities between the album and the book—both are deeply nostalgic and in conversation with the curiosities of suburban religious upbringing, both are critical of the hipster ethos that declares war on suburbia and all things corporate, only to replace it with things that are equally imperfect and ephemeral.

To celebrate the release of Hipster Christianity and The Suburbs, I’m giving away both in a drawing on Tuesday. I’ll draw two winners out of a hat on Tuesday, and both winners will be sent a copy of the Arcade Fire album along with an autographed copy of my book. If you’re more excited about the album, I don’t blame you! But I promise you’ll enjoy both!

So, how can your name be entered in the prize drawing? There are a couple ways to enter:

Twitter: Share this page on Twitter, or take the “Are You a Christian Hipster?” quiz and tweet your results (be sure to tag @brettmccracken so I will add you to the drawing!)

Facebook: “Like” the Hipster Christianity FB page, then share one of the “Anatomy of a Christian Hipster” scenes on your own FB page. Then leave a comment here or on the FB page to let me know!

I can’t imagine a lot of people will do this, but I’m still giving the prizes to two winners on Tuesday… so your odds are good!