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At long last, Hipster Christianity is now shipping if you purchase on Amazon. It's only $10.87, so if you buy something else with it, you'll probably get free shipping!

Here's what some recent reviews have said about the book:

"Brett speaks for my generation with insights that I’ve rarely seen communicated so efficiently and accurately, but he also tackles the tough questions that I continue to wrestle with. This is probably the best book about making sense of the Church in America that I’ve seen."  -Jeremy Jernigan, Associate Preaching Pastor at Central Christian Church. http://tomorrowsreflection.com/

"McCracken did not write this book as a grand pontification. It’s well researched. Very well researched. I was amazed by the research. I had no idea the history of coolness and hipness that has influenced Western civilization since the Enlightenment. McCracken did his homework."  -Thom Turner, adjunct professor of English at Nyack College and the Senior Editor, Literary Arts of GENERATE Magazine.

"[McCracken's] "gut check" offers a much needed perspective that will make Christian leaders question the direction of their postmodern undertakings. McCracken successfully sets the stage for an important debate" -Publisher's Weekly