WORLD Magazine Reviews the Book


In what might be the first official published review of Hipster Christianity, World Magazine included the following short review, written by Susan Olasky, in the "Notable Books" section of their June 19 issue:

"McCracken's provocative book puts the idea of hip or cool Christianity under the magnifying glass and finds it wanting. That's a surprising conclusion because McCracken is one who identifies himself as a hip Christian. He goes through the history of hip and traces its Christian types and the churches that endlessly pursue it. His line of thought concludes this way: "The desire to be cool, hip, fashionable, and recognized . . . it's all a vain pursuit and a waste of time. It comes from a very human place, but it's a distraction and a self-destructing futility. Our instinct toward cool will only be satisfied in Christ." Well worth reading by hipsters and the rest of us."