Interview for Ragged Band


The new interview website, Ragged Band, which features in-depth, more-interesting-than-most interviews with people engaged in various creative activities, recently featured an interview with me about Hipster Christianity, the controversial responses to it, the writing process, and how much certainty one should have in their writing... Here's a lin

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New Reviews


A couple new reviews of Hipster Christianity: From Travis W. Cooper:  "If one was to go on a hunt in the urban wilderness, in hunt of the ever-elusive hipster, McCracken would be one’s first choice as a guide. He knows his stuff. As I mentioned at the outset, Hipster Christianity is easily one of the most enjoyable reads

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Year-End Honors


Hipster Christianity has been honored on a number of "best books of 2010" lists in recent weeks. Among them: Lime Award for best book of the year by the Christian Manifesto: One of Top Ten of 2010 by theologian Sam Storms:

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Hipster Christianity in The Washington Post


In the books section of The Washington Post on Dec. 3, Hipster Christianity is featured in an article called "Three books on hipsters."  The short review of Hipster Christianity, by Stephen Lowman, is as follows:  Brett McCracken, a young guy who admits to having hipster tendencies, isn't a curmudgeon. But he believes th

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Hipster Christianity Free Downloads on iTunes


A few weeks back there was a Hipster Christianity event at Biola University in which I gave an introduction to the book and several professors and authors shared their thoughts about the book during a panel discussion. You can download the free videos from that event at the Biola University iTunes U page, by clicking here: http://ax.itunes.ap

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Medium: Cool


The following is an excerpt from the lecture I delivered at Taylor University this week ("Medium Cool: A Formal Analysis of the Christian Hipster"). Enjoy! Imagine you are a visitor to a church, and you walk in to find that nearly everyone around you is a well-dressed, fashionable, “indie”-looking twentysomething with s

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Article for CNN's "Belief Blog"


Last weekend I wrote an article for (they asked me to write something on Christian hipsters), and today it went up on's new (and awesome) Belief Blog. Below is a brief excerpt of the piece ("The Curious Case of the Christian Hipster"), but you can read the whole article here. I grew up within conservative evangelic

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Austin Statesman Coverage


In retrospect, maybe I should have included Austin on this list of Christian hipsters' favorite cities. The Austin Statesman -- the newspaper of the heavily hipster Texas city -- has now published TWO articles about Hipster Christianity. The first, written by faith columnist Joshunda Sanders, was published Sept. 1. The piece, "Are Hipsters

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Hipster Christianity in the New Yorker


In a Sept. 13 piece ("Hip For Jesus") for The New Yorker, Macy Halford writes about the Christianity Today cover story about hipster Christianity. The following is a little excerpt from Halford's commentary, but the piece is short so I'd suggest reading it all here. Christianity Today has a big hit with this month's cover story: &quo

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Christianity Today Article


I wrote the cover story for the Sept. issue of Christianity Today on the topic of Hipster Christianity. The piece, which is original for CT and not an excerpt from the book, is called, "Hipster Faith," and basically serves as an introduction to the subculture of Christian hipsters. Here's a brief excerpt:  Welcome to the world of h

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Relevant Magazine Article


I wrote a piece called "The Gospel According to Hipsters" for the Sept/Oct Relevant Magazine, which is out this week. Read an excerpt here, The piece includes a discussion of the good things hipster culture brings to Christianity, as well as some of the not-so-good things. Here's an example of the latter type:  It makes the p

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Wall Street Journal Article


Last Friday, a piece that I wrote about hipster Christianity (with material excerpted from Ch. 10, "Wannabe Cool Churches") was published in the Wall Street Journal. The article (which you can read here) seems to be resonating with people, and I've been doing radio interviews like crazy this week in response to it. The quote from the

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Christian Manifesto Interview


I enjoyed an hour-long podcast interview with C.E. Moore of Christian Manifesto last week, and the interview audio can be found here. It's definitely the most exhaustive and (for me) the most insightful interview I've done yet. Give it a listen. C.E. Moore also reviewed the book, which he says is "easily the best book I've read all year long.

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Marketing a Noncommercial Message


The church today has a weakness for numbers. We are infatuated with measurements and quantified data: statistics, opinion polls, market research, attendance figures, bestseller lists, budgets, and so on. We want specific numbers so we can keep tabs on things like market saturation, return on investment, and consumer satisfaction. We want to mo

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700 Club Interview


This week I did a short interview on The 700 Club, the iconic Christian talk show that in some ways represents everything Hipster Christianity is rebelling against. It was with utter curiosity, then, that I accepted the invitation to appear on the show, chatting with the son (Gordon Robertson) of one of old-school evangelicalism's most iconic

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Thoughts on the Release of "Hipster Christianity"


Five summers ago, I was a just-out-of-college intern for the C.S. Lewis Foundation, working on the Oxbridge ’05 conference in Oxford and Cambridge. It was one of the most enchanting, life-changing summers of my life. On top of the many brilliant lectures I heard in Oxford and Cambridge, I had dozens of conversations over pints and pipes&md

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The Book & the 'Burbs


The official release date of Hipster Christianity is just a few days away (Aug. 1). But a few days after that (Aug. 3), something else—something wonderful—is released. I’m talking, of course, about the highly anticipated new Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs. The album is amazing, and you can read my full review of it here.

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When Hipster and Worship Collide


Thomas Turner, who blogs for Everyday Liturgy, is adjunct professor of English at Nyack College and the Senior Editor of Literary Arts for GENERATE Magazine, recently reviewed Hipster Christianity and then interviewed me about my thoughts on the influence of hipster Christianity on worship music in the church. Click here to read the full text of

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Available NOW on Amazon


Share At long last, Hipster Christianity is now shipping if you purchase on Amazon. It's only $10.87, so if you buy something else with it, you'll probably get free shipping! Here's what some recent reviews have said about the book: "Brett speaks for my generation with insights that I’ve rarely seen communicated so efficiently and ac

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Christian Hipster Timeline


How did today's Christian hipster come to be? Here are some key dates in the formation of hipster Christianity: June 5, 1955: Francis Schaeffer opens L'Abri. 1967: The Living Room coffeehouse opens in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district; origins of Jesus People movement. 1969: Larry Norman’s Upon This Rock (Capitol Records

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What Others Are Saying About the Book


“Are you tired of seeing Christianity marketed as a product? Brett McCracken offers a smart and timely peek inside our desperate quest to be cool. Hipster Christianity is an urgent but loving call to chase far more than the fashionable, to pursue enduring virtues rather than mere relevance.” —Craig Detweiler, Center for Ent

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Cool vs. Christianity


To celebrate the fact that in about a month (on Aug. 1), Hipster Christianity will finally be released, I thought I’d post something that, in a sense, summarizes one of the main points of the book. Over the course of my research and writing about “hipster Christianity,” some have questioned my assertions that “cool

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Christian Hipster Bookshelf


One of the best ways to learn about the type of person someone is is by looking at the books that populate their bookshelves. Books, I’ve found, play a large role in shaping how any of us understand and inhabit our worlds–so naturally they are a good place to go when seeking to understand a subculture. For example, the following is

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Christian Hipsters and "White In-Flight"


Over at World Magazine, Anthony Bradley--associate professor of theology and ethics at NYC's King's College and a research fellow at the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty--penned a provocative article analyzing the differences (or, rather, the similarities) between suburban evangelical "white flight" and hip

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Publishers Weekly Reviews the Book


Publishers Weekly, the golden standard of book publishing periodicals, reviewed "Hipster Chrisitanity" in its recent issue. This in itself is awesome, because they only choose to review select books. But even better, they gave it a solid review, concluding that "McCracken successfully sets the stage for an important debate."

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WORLD Magazine Reviews the Book


In what might be the first official published review of Hipster Christianity, World Magazine included the following short review, written by Susan Olasky, in the "Notable Books" section of their June 19 issue: "McCracken's provocative book puts the idea of hip or cool Christianity under the magnifying glass and finds it wantin

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Scratching Where They Itch?


One of the most troubling things I see when I look at contemporary Christianity is the mentality that the church should fashion itself according to the needs and wants of the “audience.” It’s an idea that grew out of the evangelical church growth and seeker movements and is practically an epidemic today. Almost every evan

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What Would You Call Your Hipster Church?


What’s in a name? A lot, if you’re a hipster church. Last week it was announced that Ted Haggard was starting a new church in Colorado Springs that would meet at his family’s home and would welcome any and everyone: “Democrat, Republican, gay, straight, bi, addicts, tall, short.” The church’s name? Saint James. &

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CCM Albums of the 90s That Make Christian Hipsters Nostalgic


A lot of Christian hipsters today were raised in the evangelical Christian subculture in the 90s. Thus, while most of them have completely abandoned CCM by now, they still look fondly and nostalgically (with a smidge of irony) upon the Christian music they were reared on. Here are 20 albums that Christian hipsters today love to listen to for a trip

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"Sunday's Coming": An Analysis


If you are at all plugged-in to the evangelical twitterverse or blogosphere, you’ve likely been bombarded by links to the unavoidable video, “Sunday’s Coming,” produced by North Point Church. If you haven’t seen it, watch it here now. The video, which launched a buzzword (“Contemporvant”), cleverly capital

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Interview With Rachel Held Evans


I did an interview with author Rachel Held Evans (author of the forthcoming book Evolving in Monkey Town) about Hipster Christianity, and she posted it on her blog this week (most graciously!) to help publicize the launch of this website. Check out the full interview if you want a good, concise summary of what I am trying to do with the book... but

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Join the Facebook Group!


Follow updates and news about the book at the official Hipster Christianity Facebook page. There will be contests and book giveaways as the release date approaches, and all sorts of other fun interactions. And you won't be bombarded with updates or messages, I promise! Thanks for your support of the book!  ...

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Christian Hipsters' 10 Favorite American Cities


1. Chicago: In addition to the aforementioned prevalence of Christian colleges in the city and suburbs, Chicago is just a super hip place to live. Hipsters of all kinds—Christians included—flock there. It’s the home of Pitchfork magazine, for goodness’ sake. Chicago also boasts a hip heritage: the Jesus People USA are locate

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Stuff Christian Hipsters Like


Many people have asked me: what exactly is a Christian hipster? Am I one? Are you one? Well, first of all: it’s just a funny label, and we all know that hipsters hate labels. So if you are still reading this post, eager to know what it all means, chances are you are not a Christian hipster. Or maybe you are, and you’re just intrigued b

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"Jesus Was a Rebel" ... And?


“Jesus was a rebel” is a favorite slogan of Christian pastors and authors trying to “reach twentysomethings,” as they say. The logic? 1) Young people think Christianity is tired, boring, stale. 2) Young people are naturally rebellious and contrarian. THEREFORE… 3) Maybe Christianity will be fresh and exciting to them

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Is Christianity Cool?


This is the title of chapter one of the book, and it’s the underlying question of the whole thing. It’s a question that begs to be explored, because it’s a question that is at least latently present in all the major movements and expressions of contemporary Christianity. It’s a very complex question, to be sure. But that it

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Why I Wrote This Book


It has become clear as I have blogged about the phenomenon of Christian hipsters that this topic is polarizing. Whether through the conversations I’ve had at the various churches I’ve visited throughout the country, on the blog boards that deal with my book topic, or just with my friends who I’ve talked through these issues alongs

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